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Welcome to DigiChambers. During this register process, you will register your company to use DigiChambers with a Belgian Chamber of Commerce. Please note that you register the company so make sure it is not already registered!

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DigiChambers General Terms & Conditions


By clicking on “I agree”, by logging in to or by using this application in any other way, , hereinafter referred to as “the administrator”, confirms that he/she legally represents company , hereinafter referred to as “the Company” and that he/she agrees with the following General Terms & Conditions on the company's behalf.

A. The electronic application and issuing of Certificates of Origin and certified documents

Certificates of Origin shall hereinafter be referred to as "COs", certified documents as "visas".

Legal obligations

The use of DigiChambers does not alter the applicable rules issued by the competent authorities within and outside the European Union.

With any application, the Company shall request the issuing of a certificate of origin certifying that the goods originate in the country or countries referred to in the section "origin".

The Company declares that the information on the request as well as the supporting documents and information submitted to the competent bodies in view of the issuing of the certificate of origin, are correct, that the goods covered by these documents and information are the same as those for which the certificate is requested, that these goods comply with the conditions imposed by the regulation concerning the common definition of the concept "origin of goods".

The Company is committed to provide any further information and documents necessary for the issuing of this certificate, at the request of the competent bodies.

Authorising the use of DigiChambers

Each request that is submitted electronically, shall be indisputably linked with and allocated to the person who is logged in with the user name that DigiChambers has issued to him, and the Company shall be bound by this.

The Company authorizes the administrator to add, change and remove the permissions to use DigiChambers with a view to requesting COs. This management is done via the DigiChambers website. The persons who are authorised by the administrator, are referred to below as "user(s)".

The Company undertakes to inform its Chamber of Commerce immediately in writing if the administrator or a user no longer has this permission.

The Company chooses the following authentication method by which each user can validly bind the company: .

DigiChambers reserves the right to exclude any of these authentication methods, or to allow others, at any time.

Chamber of Commerce Permissions

At least one person must have permission as an administrator.
The Company authorizes the Chamber of Commerce responsible for its account to add, modify and delete the administrator on request (by email) by one of its employees if the administrator has left the company.

The Company authorizes the Chamber of Commerce responsible for its account to change the authentication method on simple request (by e-mail) by the administrator.

Printing of COs and visas

If the Company chooses to print COs and visas within the company, the user must verify each time that the CO or the visa was printed correctly and legibly. In case of doubt, he shall immediately notify the competent Chamber. In that case, the CO or the visa cannot be used until the Chamber gives its permission to do so.

If the Company prints a visa on an original document, he must ensure that the original document corresponds to the document for which he requested a visa. If not, he must destroy the endorsed document and inform the Chamber of Commerce.

Printing of COs on blanc paper

DigiChambers allows to print certificates of origin on blank paper instead of on pre-printed forms.

Printing should be done in the following manner:

  1. The size of the sheet on which the CO is printed is 210x297 mm (with a tolerance of -5 mm and + 8mm);
  2. The paper is white and the weight is at least 64 gr (preferably 80 gr);
  3. The printing of the certificate of origin must be done on a color printer.

The Company immediately informs its Chamber of Commerce of any problems with the acceptance of these certificates encountered abroad or at Embassies in Belgium.

The Company actively collaborates with the possible controls carried out by its Chamber of Commerce.

Access to this simplification can be terminated at any time by the Chamber of Commerce.

B. Consultation and use of the internet site

System requirements

The users of the application must have a recent browser. The compatibility of the browser can be checked via the DigiChambers website.
A colour printer is required to print the documents correctly.

DigiChambers reserves the right to change these requirements at all times. They can be accessed through the section "system requirements" on the DigiChambers website.

Information on the website

DigiChambers NV and any other agencies:

  • offer no guarantee on the accuracy, completeness or relevance of the information which can be consulted or exchanged through this system. Access to the information on the site is subject to the acceptance of the fact that DigiChambers rejects any responsibility for actions undertaken based on information provided on the site;

  • disclaim any responsibility concerning the content of the Web pages, including - without, however, being limited to this - any implied warranty concerning their suitability for commercialisation or use or decisions or actions that can be taken or undertaken by a user in reliance on this information;

  • disclaim any responsibility for damages, costs, loss of profit, loss of data or any other direct or indirect detriment that could result from the use, inability to use or access, or a breakdown, interruption or deletion of part or all of the service, at any time;

  • are by no means responsible for:

    • the provision of links to other websites;
    • the contents of any other website to which the user can be connected via the site of DigiChambers;
    • the effects of actions inspired by the content of these websites;
  • disclaim any warranty or liability, expressed or implied, associated with the use of the system.

Nature of the information

The information that can be found on the DigiChambers website, is no advice. The treated matters are complex and impossible to conceive in a simple way. This information is not intended to provoke or motivate a decision or a final verdict, but is only intended as a practical guide for completing a CO and for the use of this application. The user is invited to always consult an expert before making a decision with respect to other than purely practical aspects of the CO.


The user consulting the information on these pages waives any claim of any kind, with respect to the use made of the information offered by the system, regardless of whether the claim is directed at DigiChambers or at some other body that offered the available information via the system.


The user who consults the information on these pages, also undertakes to accept all risks inherent to the use of the system and to waive any claim against DigiChambers or any other authority that has offered the available information via the system, including any risk regarding damage to computers, software or data by a virus that could be transmitted or activated via the system, or due to the fact that the user has consulted the system.

Privacy - confidentiality

Reference is made to the privacy policy that can be consulted on the DigiChambers website. By agreeing to these General terms and conditions, the Company agrees to the provisions of the privacy policy.

Intellectual property

Brands, commercial names, logos and acronyms which may appear on the pages of the DigiChambers website, belong exclusively to their holders.
DigiChambers warns the visitor that it is completely separate from the image and appearance of these brands, which only benefit the holders themselves.
On the other hand, all intellectual property rights relating to the parts of the DigiChambers site belong exclusively, without exception, to the latter.

The information accessible on the website, the font, the hypertext-script of the structure of the pages, the DigiChambers name, the domain names and the DigiChambers logo are elements protected by the law on protection of databases, the laws on the protection of copyright and the international conventions on these matters as well as the regulations on domain names. These elements may not be copied, in any form, medium or manner whatsoever, or used or distributed without DigiChambers’ prior written consent.

Nevertheless, the information on this site may be freely copied on three conditions:

  1. the reference to the source mentioning ©, date of the document used and website address;
  2. the commitment to report any improvement or expansion of the information used to DigiChambers;
  3. the use of this information for strictly private and non-commercial use only.


Reference is made to the cookie policy that can be consulted on the DigiChambers website. By agreeing to these General terms and conditions, the Company agrees to the provisions of the cookie policy.

The Company's obligations

The Company is committed not to cause harm, disadvantage or hindrance of any kind to DigiChambers, either directly or through third parties.


Should DigiChambers establish that The Company fails to comply with the above terms, or it has serious indications of abuse, it can deny the Company access to this service at any time.

Settlement of disputes

Any dispute regarding the website and/or its contents is subject to the rules of Belgian law and falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels.



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