Dear Customs’ officer, this webpage makes it possible for you to check if a Certificate of Origin issued electronically by a Belgian Chamber of Commerce is authentic.

Belgian Chambers of Commerce dispose of an official mandate from the Ministry of Economy to issue Certificates of Origin. Furthermore the above Ministry recognizes that Certificates of Origin issued electronically are equal to Certificates of Origin issued in the traditional way. Here you can find the official attestation from the Ministry on the above issues.

To verify please fill in following boxes:

  • Box 1 : fill in the Certificate of Origin number that is printed across the stamp;
  • Box 2 : fill in the unique security code that is printed to the left of the stamp.

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Any question or remarks? Please contact us:
Belgian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Tel : +32 2 209 05 50

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  • If you want to use your E-ID card you must have a cardreader and the E-ID middleware installed.
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